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The Snooty Fox

Bed & Breakfast - Guest Rooms

The Snooty Fox Breakfast Cafe Menu

3 EGG OMELETTE Made with local free range organic eggs mixed with cream and seasoning. Chose from any 3 of the following fillings- bacon, sausage, cheese, tomato, mushroom, gherkin, capers, parmesan, spinach, black or hogs pudding £5.95

FULL ENGLISH Back bacon, west country sausage, a fried free range egg served on a fried slice, beans, mushrooms sauteed in butter, tomatoes roasted in balsamic vinegar and a hash brown. £6.25

LARGE FULL ENGLISH All of the above with double eggs, bacon, sausages and the addition of local black and hogs pudding. £8.25

WAFFLES & BACON A pile of toasted waffles topped with cripsy bacon drizzled with
maple syrup £6.25

BREAKFAST SUB ROLL A locally made cheese topped white bread or multi grain roll filled with your choice of:
Bacon & Mushroom
Sausage & Marmalade
Fried Egg & Hash Brown
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Capers
Black & Hogs pudding with Balsamic tomatoes
Egg mayo, spring onion & Cheddar £4.75

BUBBLE & SQUEAK Cripsy pan fried homemade bubble served with local hogs pudding and 2 fried free range organic eggs £6.50

SCRAMBLED EGGS 3 free range eggs with cream and seasoning on your choice of toast
Naked £4.95
Parmesan & Spring Onion £5.50
Crispy Bacon £6.50
Smoked Haddock £7.95

EGG & BACON 3 Rashers of smoked back bacon with 2 free range organic eggs either poached or fried served with a choice of beans, sauteed mushrooms or balsamic roasted tomatoes £4.95

EGGS BENEDICT Toasted muffin cut in half and buttered then topped with crispy bacon poached eggs and hollandaise sauce £6.50

EGGS FLORENTINE Toasted muffin cut in half and buttered then topped with spinach pan fried with garlic and mushrooms topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce £5.75

EGGS ROYALE Toasted muffin cut in half and buttered then topped with smoked salmon poached eggs and hollandaise sauce £6.95

ALL BUTTER CROSSIANTS Warm from the oven 2 large flaky crossiants £3.50

PLAIN WAFFLES 6 toasted waffles served with maple syrup £3.50

A toasted beigel spread with cream cheese, then topped with 3 scrambled eggs and lastly smoked salmon and spring onions £6.95

A large bowl of porridge oats made with double cream and topped with honey, seeds, dried fruit and nuts – pimped up porridge £4.95

Locally caught from winter herring catches and naturally cured with salt and oak chippings. Served with poached egg and a slice of brown toast £6.95

Basmati rice, smoked fish, boiled eggs and a light curry seasoning with a creamy buttery flavour finished off with lemon and parsley. This dish is freshly cooked to order so may take a little longer than other dishes £7.95

ON TOAST Served on 2 slices chose from either cheese & beans or poached
eggs & mushrooms £5.95

TEA £1.75 (breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, fruit, camomile, decaf)
COFFEE £2.25 (Freshly ground)
LATTE £2.50

Bubble & Squeak £ 2.50
Hogs & Black Pudding £2.50
Toast Rack £2.25
Beans/Mush/Tom/Egg/Hash £1.50
Cereal £1.50
Porridge (Small plain) £1.95
Homemade chips £2.95